“The killer did it,” the mother of the murdered businessman Levan Kacharava

მოკლული ბიიზნესმენის დედა

The mother of Levan Kacharava, a businessman killed on the Tskneti road in Tbilisi on June 24, has spoken out about her son's murder and suggests that Kacharava was killed by a hired hitman.

“The murder was not planned in Georgia. This was done by a hired killer and most likely he is no longer on the territory of Georgia,” the mother of the murdered businessman, Elene Mkheidze said.

At the same time, according to Levan Kacharava's cousin, Salome Kobaladze, the businessman had no problems or conflicts in the past.

“At the moment, the family does not have a concrete version. Yesterday's story just killed us, so we can not soberly argue who could have committed such an organized crime. He didn’t have any problems, he didn’t even use security,” said the cousin of the murdered businessman.
Recall, Levan Kacharava was shot dead in his car on the Tskneti Highway on June 24.

As was informed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the investigation is being carried out under articles 19-108 of the Criminal Code and article 236 "attempted murder" and "acquisition, storage and carrying of firearms."

The crime provides for imprisonment for a term of 7 to 15 years.

Businessman Levan Kacharava owned a fitness chain in Georgia, his companies were represented in various projects. He also owned Multiplex and a number of businesses in the Netherlands