"Martial law in Ukraine has been extended for another three months" - Fedor Venislavsky

ფიოდორ ვენისლავსკი

“Martial law in Ukraine has been extended for another three months. “The decision is based on the fact that our counteroffensive will take longer than defense,” Fyodor Venislavsky, representative of the President of Ukraine in the Constitutional Court, said.

“Since February 24, we have already extended martial law twice. Now we understand that the enemy has focused on building fortifications in temporarily controlled territories. Going on the counterattack is a more difficult task than the defense. “Therefore, we must understand that the liberation of the entire territory of Ukraine in the next month is unlikely,” Venislavsky said. However, he added that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine would lift martial law if the Ukrainian military could liberate Ukrainian territory from Russian occupiers in less than three months.